At Paradise Ice Plant we are committed to maintaining the highest levels of quality. We are highly regulated and inspected by state and federal health agencies. We also have the services of a private water consultant, a quality control system and comply with the Hazard Program.

We have a wide variety of outdoor and indoor ice merchandisers available for your business. In addition, we have an exclusive fleet of refrigerated vehicles for delivery and distribution of our products, available for service or rental.

From supermarkets and department stores to convenience stores, gas stations, and private events, our service offers alternatives and solutions to every need.

If you are a retailer or need ice or service for your business, event or activity, do not risk running out of ice, be safe with Paradise Ice Plant.

Who we are


  • Deep well with permit from the Department of Natural Resources.
  • 850KW electric generators to supply all power during any emergency.
  • 100,000 gallon water storage tank.
  • Double pump system with 15 hp to start production.
  • Water filtration system that includes chlorination, sedimentation filters, activated carbon, triple softeners and microfiltration cartridges of 5 microns.
  • Two VOGT P34 and four VOGT P24 ice machines.
  • Automatic ice conveyor system and “Keith Walking Floor Transfer Bin” of 22 tons.
  • Hammer 310 automatic packaging machine and another for medium and large bags.
  • Extensive freezer and refrigerated container to store large quantities of ice.
  • Two electric forklifts to move merchandise.
  • Modern platform for loading up to 5 trucks or containers simultaneously.
  • Electrical installations to connect all of our refrigerated trucks creating individual storages when necessary.
Ice Merchandisers for every Store and Event
Refrigerated Trucks for Delivery and Rental